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Meet the ICR Faculty

photo of Mark Bird

Mark H Bird, PhD, LMFT

Dr. Bird is a licensed marriage and family therapist, attending BYU for his Master’s degree and Virginia Tech for his PhD. He has worked with addictive behaviors, including drug/alcohol and process addictions, since 2000. This experience includes time as the Director of Outpatient Services for Santé Center for Healing and as Program Director for Enterhealth Life Recovery Program. He has published multiple articles in professional journals and presented at multiple professional conferences, including  ACA, AAMFT, TAMFT, and SASH conferences. His doctoral research and dissertation focused on couple therapy and sexual addiction. His book, In Tandem, focuses on treating sexual addictions individually and relationally. He co-founded and is currently Executive Director for the Institute for Connection and Recovery, a training program for therapists based on a model of therapy that incorporates individual healing with relational healing. Dr. Bird also runs a private practice, Healing and Recovery, specializing in working with sexual addicts and partners of both genders.

Laney Knowlton, MS, LMFT

Laney Knowlton has worked in the field since 2009, specializing in sexual addiction. Her experience includes individual, couple, and group counseling with both male and female addicts and their partners. She runs groups for females dealing with sex and love addictions, female partners of addicts, and couple intensives for sex and love addicts (both male and female) and their partners. She co-authored a chapter in In Tandem and is a co-author of its upcoming companion book. Additionally, she worked with law enforcement for six years, presenting on both pornography addiction and sexual addictions. She has presented at multiple professional conferences including ACA, TAMFT, and LCAP conferences, and has been a guest speaker at both graduate- and undergraduate-level classes. She co-founded and is Clinical Director for the Institute for Connection & Recovery, a training program for therapists based on a model of therapy that incorporates individual healing with relational healing. She also works in private practice at Healing and Recovery in Lewisville, TX.

A Wealth of Knowledge and Experience

Between the two of them, Mark Bird and Laney Knowlton have a combined experience of over twenty-five years, both specializing in the field of sexual addiction. Their training has included working with both female and male addicts and partners–individually, as couples, and in both gender-specific groups and couples intensives. They have both worked with addicts and with partners of addicts and have significant experience using co-therapy with couples dealing with addictions. They have both contributed to what will soon be a two-volume set of books detailing the model we have developed that incorporates relational healing with individual healing, addressing the issue from the standpoint of a connective disorder, which includes the relationship of addiction to attachment and trauma.

Collectively, Mark Bird and Laney Knowlton have presented at multiple professional conferences, spanning local, state-wide, national, and international levels. They have also been guest speakers at both undergraduate and graduate level classes and have spent years presenting on sexual addiction and pornography addiction in conjunction with law enforcement.

Mark and Laney have put together a program that is in touch with addictive behaviors and the lives of addicts and their partners. The program is presented in a way that takes therapists into the lives of partners and addicts and their struggles and equips them to best affect change and healing in their lives.
Jody Jones, LPC-I