Format & Cost

Our training program teaches clinicians how to apply this method most effectively to their clients, incorporating individual, couple, and group therapy with couples’ intensives into your practice.

We divide our program into two 3-day trainings.

Each training is $700 and includes 24 CEUs, including ethics. Completing both trainings within a year, along with 10 hours of consultation ($200 an hour, can be provided in person or through video conference or phone), fully certifies you as a Certified Connection and Recovery Therapist, specializing in Sex/Love Addiction.

Maintaining your certification is only a fraction of the cost (10-20%) and we are working to make that process available online to prevent having to travel to stay connected to the program and other clinicians using the program.

Certification Requirements

Becoming a CCRT certifies that you have integrated the principles of both individual and relational recovery into your practice. In order to ensure this has occurred, we require a period of practical application under consultation to ensure that you are proficient in the model. We want you to be able to succeed and spread the influence of this program to others.

Below we define the requirements for become a Certified Connection and Recovery Therapist and the necessary CE to maintain the certification.

Initial certification requirements for a CCRT-SLA:

  • Attend both trainings
  • 10 hours of consultation
  • Must be completed within 18 months of the first training (can file for an extension if needed)
  • At least one hour of consultation between training 1 and training 2 (we recommend two)
  • Two hours of consultation need to be individual or dual (meaning only one or two trainees)
  • 1 certification interview
  • Case Presentation

Continuing Ed for CCRT Certification

  • Renewal period is two years
  • Renewal fee $100
  • 20 hours of continuing ed (can be through ICR or other conferences/programs/CEU events)
  • 10 hours must be related to sexual addiction (addict, partner, or couple – we can provide a list of possibilities)
  • At least 2 hours must be consultation (individual consultation counts double)

During the 18-month certification period, which begins with attendance of the first training, trainees may advertise themselves as CRT-IT (Connection and Recovery Therapist In Training).