Program Overview

Become a Certified Connection and Recovery Therapist with a specialization in Sex/Love Addiction (CCRT-SLA)

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What is the CCRT-SLA Training Program?

Our training program is based on the Healing & Recovery model, which addresses love and sex addictions as symptoms of a connective disorder, defined as an inability to identify our emotions and needs and resolve them in a healthy way.

We have developed a unique approach that applies to both addicts and partners, allowing greater safety and potential for connection. Using our tools, addicts, both male and female, can break free from addictive cycles, heal the pain and unhealthy patterns that led them to escape to those behaviors, and learn to develop healthy connections in their lives.

Those same tools allow partners of either gender to process through pain stemming from betrayal trauma, codependence, and unhealthy patterns in their lives, while giving them increased safety as they understand the process and language used by their spouse, increasing their ability to recognize steps taken by the addict and create safety for themselves independent of their spouse’s recovery or honesty.

What does our training provide?

  • Learn to identify and treat love and sex addicts of both genders, individually and relationally
  • Develop tools to provide safety and healing for partners of addicts
  • Understand the relationship between addiction and connection, including factors related to attachment and trauma
  • Gain skills to form and maintain group therapy and couples intensives for love and sex addicts and their partners

Training includes:

  • Two 3-day trainings
  • Consultation
  • Continuing education, including ethics

Mark and Laney have put together a program that is in touch with addictive behaviors and the lives of addicts and their partners. The program is presented in a way that takes therapists into the lives of partners and addicts and their struggles and equips them to best affect change and healing in their lives.
Jody Jones, LPC-I