Business Potential

Adding only one group with at least six members, using our suggested pricing of $250 monthly per group member, completely covers the cost of initial certification, including individual supervision sessions, in less than two months.

Our program provides you with tools to create groups for female addicts, male addicts, female partners, and male partners, along with couples intensives that focus on emotional safety, empathy, and healthy sexuality.

It also provides tools for individual and couple therapy that allow you to more effectively identify, address, and resolve love and sex addictions in both females and males, understand and heal the pain felt by partners of love and sex addicts, and methods to create lasting, safe, and healthy connection in relationships.

I would highly recommend this training for understanding not only the addict, but also the impact on the partner. It brings an equal level of support to both parties that can be lost in other programs of recovery.
Anne Clarke, LPC