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In this webinar, we share how to work with Sex Addiction as a connective disorder. Listen to the overview of what early, middle, and late recovery looks like for both partners and addicts, with a focus on helping promote individual and relational recovery at the same time. We also provide a common language for both partners so that they can more quickly connect and build a recovery that can also help to recover the relationship. After the overview of their program, they share a few specific interventions related to early recovery.

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2018 ACA Presentation Slides

If you’re interested in what we are presenting at the 2018 ACA Conference in Atlanta tomorrow, take a look at our slides! And if you get a chance to view our presentation slides, let us know what you think.

Identifying and Treating Sex/Love Addicts and Partners, Individually and Relationally (90-Minute Education Session)
Laney E. Knowlton, Mark H. Bird
Sex and love addictions will be presented on a continuum of symptomology to give counselors a more complete understanding of these addictions and to increase their ability to identify clients, both male and female, who may be struggling with these issues. The presenters will address treatment for both addicts and their partners from the approach of a connective disorder, incorporating attachment and trauma issues. Tools that integrate the individual recovery of both addict and partner with their relational recovery will be explained.

2018 ACA National Conference