Anne Clarke, LPC

I would highly recommend this training for understanding not only the addict, but also the impact on the partner. It brings an equal level of support to both parties that can be lost in other programs of recovery.

Adam Karazuba, LMSW

Mark and Laney provide a nuanced perspective and approach to recovery, including a deeper level of therapeutic application and understanding.

Jody Jones, LPC-I

Mark and Laney have put together a program that is in touch with addictive behaviors and the lives of addicts and their partners. The program is presented in a way that takes therapists into the lives of partners and addicts and their struggles and equips them to best affect change and healing in their lives.

Jace Daily, LPC-I

I would highly recommend the CCRT-SLA training with Mark and Laney. The relational aspects of this model provide training to support both the addict and the partner that seem to be missing from other sexual addiction treatment models. I have thoroughly enjoyed the process and look forward to bringing it to my clients.